21 June 2018
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Taxpayers’ annual $80 BILLION for prisons enriches private companies

Private companies make $31 billion annually off prisons. There’s a better use of your money.

14 October 2016
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Dept. of Justice to Investigate Alabama Prisons

DOJ to investigate unconstitutional conditions in Alabama prison system.

20 September 2016
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@MotherCalifornia traces despair into human hope

Kenneth E. Hartman was a street punk when he murdered Mr. Fellowes, and received Life Without Parole.  His 2009 memoir, Mother California, leads readers from his crime into the jails and then multiple prisons of California.  None of it is pretty, and Mr. Hartman doesn’t try to pretty his story up. Hartman describes the LA […]

23 July 2016
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Texas Heat Frying Inmates

Scot Medlock of Edwards Law firm, Austin, has good news: t he 5th circuit will once again take up the inhumane treatment of Texas inmates.

3 June 2016
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Inmates Measure Time’s Passing

A frequent correspondent can see the world through only a small, dirty window pain, criss-crossed with wires.  But here’s what he wrote this week: “The pecan tree has started to shed its leaves, and the pecans are falling from the husks.  The hawks still visit the tree two or three times a month, and the […]

31 May 2016
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False Testimony in Child Abuse Cases

It can be a nightmare:  of course authorities have to take a molestation charge seriously;  child abuse cases get even more attention.  But what happens in those cases when a vengeful ex-wife or disgruntled grandparent decides to “fix his wagon”?    A book by 2 doctors–one now in prison–takes a detailed look at a possible scenario. […]

30 May 2016
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In-Prison Book Club Inspires

Ann Walmsely spent years leading in-prison books clubs in Canada. She is a compassionate writer and well-read teacher who inspired inmates to read, to think, and to write journals about the literature they read.

The Prison Book Club is set in Ontario, in and around a series of men’s prisons. Walmsely kept track of the books, the conversations, and the resulting journals, all while interspersing her own story and reactions.

2 May 2016
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Prison Education Guide–Superb Coverage

Prison Education Guide provides essential, detailed information about the educational courses offered to inmates. It is also a guide to re-entry success. Christopher Zoukis, federal prisoner, is an excellent researcher and writer. All prison libraries need a copy.

1 May 2016
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We Are, Indeed, All Doing Time

Bo Lozoff applies the techniques of Buddhist thought to all of us, and especially those incarcerated. 1.Simple living; 2.Personal spiritual practice; 3.Commitment to service. Useful, practical, great read.

20 March 2013
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Testimony for House Bill 968, Zero Tolerance for retaliation against grievance writers

Testimony for House Bill 968, Zero Tolerance for retaliation against grievance writers

I teach. Although technically retired, I continue to teach—and my topic now is prison grievances. This zero-tolerance bill should have been enacted at the same time the Prison Litigation Reform Act was enacted, 1996. It set the rules for inmate complaints. We’re here today to catch up on common sense.

When a Texas citizen breaks the rules, we send him/her to jail or prison as punishment, and expect them to learn to follow the rules while they’re in prison.

Send a copy of Prison Grievances to a prison library.

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