7 April 2015
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Spanish version of Prison Grievances hits # 1

Spanish version of Prison Grievances hits # 1 on

4 April 2015
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Georgia Prison System Focuses Elsewhere

Georgia prison photo reveals barbaric tortures; system is looking for the cell phone.

28 February 2015
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Writing Grievances, Following Rules

People inside jails and prisons should be able to file grievances and have them read for content and not mere technical error.

24 February 2015
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Freezing Inmates: where’s the coverage?

I’ve seen hours of coverage of Boston etc. reeling from the accumulated snow storms. I have seen only ONE article mentioning the prison population. (attached below) In that article, people interviewed admitted they just didn’t care how inmates were doing; they were concerned about the homeless and animals. Dismal, dismal! Interestingly, this story covers a holding facility, where more than half of the population hasn’t even been to trial–and are thus not even ‘guilty.’ I cannot understand the collective attitude toward people in prison. I really cannot understand how anyone could publicly say that ‘they deserve what they get’ as snow kills people across the country–people with options for getting help. These people Inside are our responsibility. They were not sentenced to freeze to death.

Where’s the coverage?

21 January 2015
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Moving Beyond Mass Incarceration

Prof. Michael Tonry offers 10 practical steps for combatting mass incarceration.

8 January 2015
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Payday Lenders Use Prosecutors to Illegally Pressure Debtors

Texas is special. The relationship between its prosecutors and political pressure and money is also special. Recently Appleseed uncovered yet another illegal string connecting them all: payday lenders report to the prosecutors and tell debtors that if they don’t pay up, they face jail time. That’s a lie. Debt is a civil issue, not criminal. The real criminals here are the payday lenders–and the prosecutors who go along with the illegal coercion.

19 December 2014
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CA: Inmate dies despite repeated medical requests

California prisons kill 3 more.

9 November 2014
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Prison Grievances novel chosen by Amazon as Editors’ Pick

Prison Grievances: when to write, how to write, received a terrific honor today. Amazon announced that it is one of 100 titles chosen as Editors’ Picks for 2014.

What could this mean? I hope it means that mainstream media is going to focus on prison reform. Now. Wouldn’t it be marvelous if more and more books about, for, and by people incarcerated get noticed and read and discussed?

31 October 2014
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Texas Prison Officials Refuse to Discuss Heat Deaths with Int’l Committee

The Texas rascals are at it again; the Organization of American States organized a meeting of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights. The group met in DC to discuss the deaths of 14 Texas inmates. Guess who didn’t show up? Yes, that would be the Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice. Ands the Attorney General of Texas, Greg Abbott, who is preparing to move into the governor’s mansion soon. He’s plain busy. Instead, the Human Rights Clinic at University of Texas School of Law and plaintiff attorneys across Texas, and the Texas Civil Rights Project met with international investigators to discuss the inhumane temperatures that are maiming and killing people. Texas holds 150,900 people in ancient prisons with no air conditioners and cement walls. The people charged by the citizens of the state–don’t even show up. They’re waiting for litigation to resolve the complaints. Of course, getting into court, and getting aid from the court, can take years–obviously. Meanwhile, people die.

25 October 2014
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Vermont female inmates? 70% Parole Violations Only

It’s comforting when people actually investigate prisons. In Vermont, they looked at female populations and discovered that a whopping 70% of those in prison are there as repeaters–but because of a technical parole violation. And why is that? No child care. No transportation to parole office. No money for telephone to call in. These problems can be resolved with a little common sense, not with yet more incarceration–paid for by taxpayers. And not resolved by tearing mothers away from their families again, leaving many of them without any financial support. When will legislators listen to families? to common sense instead of their political/monetary supporters? Follow the money.

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