28 June 2012
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Family Sues TDCJ Over Heat-Related Death

If her father had survived his time in jail, Stephanie Kingrey said, he would have been returning home from his 11-month sentence this week. Kingrey’s father, Larry Gene McCollum, suffered heat stroke last July at the Hutchins State Jail in Dallas and died. This morning, the Texas Civil Rights Project and Austin attorney Jeff Edwards filed a wrongful death lawsuit Tuesday against Texas prison officials on the family’s behalf.

19 June 2012
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Groups Hope HOD Closure Leads To Safer Inmate Conditions

At least two advocacy groups said they hope Tuesday’s announcement that the House of Detention is closing leads to safer and cleaner conditions for those arrested and held in jail in New Orleans.
Opened more than 50 years ago, the American Civil Liberties Union of Louisiana said the House of Detention, better known as the “House of D,” should have been shut down a long time ago.”The HOD should have been shut down years ago. Everyone has known for years that conditions inside the House of Detention are deplorable,” ACLU Executive Director Marjorie Esman said.

19 June 2012
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Dispatch from San Quentin: Inhumane Conditions Persist

Late last year, myself and some other inmates at Solano State Prison were transferred here to San Quentin to do a “mainline” (general population) program in the West Block section of the prison – a housing unit that was previously being used only as a reception and temporary home for processing new inmates — which we were told was ready to accommodate us. Some of us inmates had even volunteered to come here, just to be closer to our families in the Bay Area. Upon arrival, however, we soon discovered that West Block was far from being fit for housing the mainline prison population.

Following is a description of what I saw with my own eyes:

11 October 2011
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Ohio Private Prisons: 50% more assaults

When states contract with private prisons, it’s to ease taxpayer burdens. But then the consequences: “One study by George Washington University found private prisons have a 50 percent higher rate of inmate-on-staff assault and a 66 percent higher rate of inmate-on-inmate assault. The troubling numbers were attributed to lower standards at private prisons that keep […]

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