14 November 2012
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Cease fire plus hunger strike in Calif prison

Although inmates at one California prison broke their fast and began eating on Wednesday, another prison solitary population decided to continue fasting. Across California, Wednesday began prisoners’ attempts to stop racial violence within The Walls.

About 300 prisoners at California Correct

14 November 2012
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Gangs Rule Idaho Private Prison?

You know you’re in trouble when the inmates file in court to get protection from the prison gangs. Seems the gangs run the prison. But CCA hasn’t noticed, according to an article in CBS Top Stories.

11 November 2012
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Contributions to graphic novel top $6000

As you know, I’m collecting money to send copies of my graphic novel into prison libraries, It’s the toughest work I’ve ever done (raising funds), but it’s for a great cause. I’m sure you’ve given, so thank you!

If you haven’t or know someone who might, here’s the link again:

9 November 2012
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What’s Deliberate Indifference?

We are about to find out.  In a Texas case just filed today, an Air Force veteran jailed for criminal mischief, died after repeated smashing his head into the jail’s walls.  Allegedly, jailers watched and did nothing.

According to the complaint, Appell was put in a padded cell but not restrained. That, according to his mother, allowed him to paced the cell and strike his head against the door viewing window allegedly whiled the jailers watched.

8 November 2012
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Overcrowded federal prisons create their own problems

We all know that humans smashed into a finite space have more difficuloties than those with lots of breathing room. Now consider being crowded behind cell bars and unable to get out at will. WHile prison is supposed to be punishmnet, this recent overcrowding has proven to be much more. Read the full story at

7 November 2012
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Can Felons Vote?

State law decides if felons can vote. According to Solitary Watch and Mother Jones magazine, more than 2 million voters found themselves having to check with the Secretary of State in their own state to see if they were eligible to vote. In Texas, once someone is “off paper,” then he or she can cast a ballot. In Florida, the governor declared that any felon is blocked from voting; that overturned the decision of the last two Florida governors. Given the high

5 November 2012
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Colo. Solitary Confinement Prison Empty

Maybe we’re all just nuts?

Opened over objections Colorado State Penitentiary II was built without a vote of the people, a requirement for Colorado projects that increase state debt, and in spite of a warning from the state treasurer that the voters should decide.

The prison was built despite a 2005 Colorado Department of Corrections report from its own staff confirming that Colorado held three times as many people in solitary confinement as the average state prison system.

1 November 2012
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Low-level felons still marching into Calif. state prisons

Despite new policies, innumerable studies, and the concerns of over-taxed Californians, state judges continue to send low-level felons into the state prisons instead of county facilities. Everyone loses!

“A panel of three federal judges presiding over inmate lawsuits against California has given the state until Jan. 7 to produce a new prison reduction plan. California must reduce crowding to 137.5% of what its 33 priso

31 October 2012
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Aljazeera criticizes 3-strike laws

Nothing, finally, surprises me about prisons and prison law. But reading today a long story in Aljazeera: Power & People, I discovered that people in the middle east find our laws excessive. Whew!

In Saudi Arabia, they still cut off the hands of thieves. They hold public beheadings. But still, the authors of this article find that the U.S. 3-strike law, requiring life imprisonment for a third crime, to be excessive.

30 October 2012
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Russians question US jail precedures

How bad is the Houston jail?  Well, acording to the Russian radio stories, 4 Russians are asking international human rights observers to investigate.  They contend they are denied legal acccess, among other complaints. Russians detained in Houston complain about their prison conditions.

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