12 April 2017
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Even Out of Prison, Inmates Can’t Find Healthcare

Episcopal Health reveals major health problems with Congress proposals, and they will decimate rural health.

14 October 2016
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Dept. of Justice to Investigate Alabama Prisons

DOJ to investigate unconstitutional conditions in Alabama prison system.

22 September 2016
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Massachusetts Supreme Court: black men have right to flee, can’t be arrested merely for running

Today’s police forces are having a hard time.  Not as hard a time as every black man in this country, but a hard time nevertheless. And now comes a brilliant analysis of WHY black men run when approached by police, and a decision that running alone is NOT probably cause for searches. The ruling is […]

20 September 2016
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@MotherCalifornia traces despair into human hope

Kenneth E. Hartman was a street punk when he murdered Mr. Fellowes, and received Life Without Parole.  His 2009 memoir, Mother California, leads readers from his crime into the jails and then multiple prisons of California.  None of it is pretty, and Mr. Hartman doesn’t try to pretty his story up. Hartman describes the LA […]

6 September 2016
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Harris County, Texas + more death row, and now more missing evidence!

Harris County destroys over 100,000 pieces of evidence; deputy fired, cases dismissed.

26 August 2016
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Terri LeClercq and Prison Grievances novel make Wikipedia!

Wikipedia explains Prison Litigation Reform Act with reference to graphic novel, Prison Grievances: when to write, how to write. Terri LeClercq thrilled and amused.

3 August 2016
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University of Texas study reveals 7000 incarcerated peoples’ deaths in 15 years

This just has to stop…. how can 7000 citizens die inside our jails and prisons in 15 years?  Think how many people that is — a small town!  And get this — 2000 of those people had not even had a trial.  They were technically innocent!   Yet they died. The University of Texas Institute for […]

23 July 2016
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Texas Heat Frying Inmates

Scot Medlock of Edwards Law firm, Austin, has good news: t he 5th circuit will once again take up the inhumane treatment of Texas inmates.

29 June 2016
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Florida legislator discovers food illegally held

Florida legislator discovers food illegally withheld as punishment. State Rep. David Richardson, a Democrat from Miami Beach, exposed the practice and the guard has been temporarily moved.

3 June 2016
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Inmates Measure Time’s Passing

A frequent correspondent can see the world through only a small, dirty window pain, criss-crossed with wires.  But here’s what he wrote this week: “The pecan tree has started to shed its leaves, and the pecans are falling from the husks.  The hawks still visit the tree two or three times a month, and the […]

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