About the Author

Terri LeClercq, Ph.D., now spends her time talking with civic and academic groups about prison conditions and the inmate grievance process.

Before researching and writing Prison Grievances, she taught legal writing at the School of Law, University of Texas, for 23 years. She wrote five editions of Guide to Legal Writing Style for law students and Expert Legal Writing for practicing attorneys. For the Texas Bar Journal, she created a writing column of advice.

She spent years focusing on two major topics before she turned to prisons: plagiarism in academic settings, and class-action notices. Her work on plagiarism became the national brochure for law schools; her editing helped the Federal Judiciary create the Model Notices that are used nation-wide.

Currently she consults with law firms, agencies, courts, and individual authors about the rules and nuances of writing. Some writers need help making language specific; others need help turning objective language into more persuasive language. When she works with law firms, she specializes in helping neophyte attorneys overcome their reluctance to edit their long memos, and then counsels partners about the errors they see that matter, and those that just drive them personally crazy.

Because she has failed miserably at retirement, she and her husband Jack Getman have learned to sneak away to Sedona, AZ, to mountain hike, away from phones and letters and computers.

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Terri LeClercq: Texas State Distinguished Alumni Achievement Awards 2010




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