2019 June

19 June 2019
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Imagine Solitary Confinement and ONE Book?

Right down the highway from us, FCI Bastrop has a disturbing book policy: people buried alive in solitary confinement there are allowed only ONE book, one religious tract, and 1″ of legal materials. Period. The policy is barbaric. People are already locked down 23 hours a day. They see no one. They have no ability […]

18 June 2019
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Banned Again! Prisons Censor Educational Books

Uncovered by the Human Rights Defense Center, unpublished lists from Kansas and Illinois reveal books prison officials deem “dangerous” or “illicit.” My graphic novel teaching inmates to reflect before writing grievances is on their lists. They are grand lists, I must say! Two hundred, four hundred! The security of those prisons must be indeed fragile […]

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