2019 May

22 May 2019
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Banned Books = Banned Knowledge

Arizona prison officials have taken the “banned books” policy an additional step: they have banned a book by a former federal prosecutor, citing of course “security.” Paul Butler, “Chokehold: Policing Black Men.  This decision is border-line nuts. I assume they read only the title, because the contents warn over and over against any violence or […]

16 May 2019
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AL abortion law = women giving birth in jail/prisons

We have to assume someone in the mindless Alabama legislature thought ahead to this consequence: arresting women who need abortions will not stop the unwanted birth, but will instead fill local jails with expectant and reluctant mothers. Imagine! Doctors? Nurses? Sterile conditions? Child services? What a draconian mess! I assume the sperm donor-fathers will have […]

3 May 2019
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Insys Therapeutics hired a stripper to lap dance and get doctors to prescribe fentayl. He was found guilty. His victims? Hooked or dead.

2 May 2019
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The Texas legislature is considering a bill that would create a new office, funded through the governor’s office. The Independent Oversight Committee would comprise professionals who could enter prisons.

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