Taxpayers’ annual $80 BILLION for prisons enriches private companies

21 June 2018
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Warning:  Facts ahead.

Taxpayers spend more than $80 billion annually to support prisons.  Of that, ONE HALF goes to 3100 private companies.  Among those 3100 are Amarack (food producer always settling poison/death accusations in court), Bank of America (funds prison building and steel, etc.), and even Greyhound (someone has to drive all those newly released citizens back to communities).

Raise your hand if this makes sense.  Or maybe raise your hand if you’d like to be one of the 3100?

We need sensible criminal justice reform, where prosecutors are held responsible if they deliberately withhold evidence (etc), where sentence guidelines are tossed and judges are allowed to sentence reasonably (instead of 20 years for any first offense), where there is a presumption of parole (instead of multiple denials based on ‘nature of the crime’ which cannot be changed), where people are rewarded for good time and work time with early release, and where parole is not an expensive, intrusive anklet (cha-ching!) but rather a team working with, not against, the parolee.

See the Corrections Accountability Project (CAP) at the Urban Justice Center for more facts and details about your misspent taxes.  Facts!



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