Prison Issues Subsumed under Unfortunate Congress, AG

2 July 2017
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There was a brief moment in 2016 when the stars and planets aligned so that members of Congress reached across the aisle to begin restructuring our broken criminal ‘justice’ system.  Now that the same party controls the White House and both chambers of Congress, that moment is gone. But not just gone.  With AG Sessions, the pendulum is swinging back to the regressive and cruel 1960s.  He’s declared the failed war on drugs (war on citizens) will resume.  He has  instructed his federal attorneys to fight for maximum minimums–long sentences that serve zero purpose other than retribution.

What can US citizens do?  As you have seen in the health-care debacle, some members of Congress are willing to forcefully throw out of their offices even the disabled in wheelchairs.  Our inmates can’t get into those hallowed, expensive halls.  They are stuck inside the cement and bars.  It is up to those of us our here to make our voices heard.  Write letters. Call.  Tell our ‘representatives’ to get back to bipartisan work to overcome the AG’s edicts.


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