2016 June

29 June 2016
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Florida legislator discovers food illegally held

Florida legislator discovers food illegally withheld as punishment. State Rep. David Richardson, a Democrat from Miami Beach, exposed the practice and the guard has been temporarily moved.

3 June 2016
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Inmates Measure Time’s Passing

A frequent correspondent can see the world through only a small, dirty window pain, criss-crossed with wires.  But here’s what he wrote this week: “The pecan tree has started to shed its leaves, and the pecans are falling from the husks.  The hawks still visit the tree two or three times a month, and the […]

2 June 2016
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“The Lost Level,” reviewed by Rosendo Rodriguez

The Lost Level, Brian Keene (Apex Book Company) Reviewed by inmate Rosendo Rodriguez, Texas Dept. Corrections When I was a little boy, I often accompanied my mother to the Kemp public library in my hometown of Wichita Falls, Texas, and would lose myself for hours among the rows of books that offered countless worlds of […]

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