2016 May

31 May 2016
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False Testimony in Child Abuse Cases

It can be a nightmare:  of course authorities have to take a molestation charge seriously;  child abuse cases get even more attention.  But what happens in those cases when a vengeful ex-wife or disgruntled grandparent decides to “fix his wagon”?    A book by 2 doctors–one now in prison–takes a detailed look at a possible scenario. […]

30 May 2016
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In-Prison Book Club Inspires

Ann Walmsely spent years leading in-prison books clubs in Canada. She is a compassionate writer and well-read teacher who inspired inmates to read, to think, and to write journals about the literature they read.

The Prison Book Club is set in Ontario, in and around a series of men’s prisons. Walmsely kept track of the books, the conversations, and the resulting journals, all while interspersing her own story and reactions.

27 May 2016
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Hope? Hard Time Offers Some

Hard Time: Understanding and Reforming the Prison.  Robert Johnson (Wadsworth, 3rd ed, 2002) Robert Johnson, American University Justice, Law and Criminology professor, gives a hard look at prisons in Hard Time.  He approaches them as both a scholar and a reformer, trying to educate readers:  “Almost everyone has an opinion about prison, but for the […]

10 May 2016
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Elder Inmates Cost! See Infographic

Between 2007-2010, the number of state and federal prisoners 65 years and older grew by a staggering 94 times that of the overlap prison population (which also ballooned).  A great new infographic highlights the causes and consequences in bold: http://www.criminaljusticedegreehub.com/geriatric-prisoners/ The impact?  Money.  Loss of life and health.  Society pays for long-term care and finally […]

4 May 2016
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The Human Life of a Texas Warden

Warden:  Prison life and death from the inside out, by Jim Willett and Ron Rozelle. (Bright Sky Press, 2004) Ron Rozelle decided to write the life and times of his college roommate, Jim Willett, to tell the story of a Texas prison warden who oversaw 89 executions, the prison farm riot, the Carrasco siege, and […]

2 May 2016
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Prison Education Guide–Superb Coverage

Prison Education Guide provides essential, detailed information about the educational courses offered to inmates. It is also a guide to re-entry success. Christopher Zoukis, federal prisoner, is an excellent researcher and writer. All prison libraries need a copy.

1 May 2016
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We Are, Indeed, All Doing Time

Bo Lozoff applies the techniques of Buddhist thought to all of us, and especially those incarcerated. 1.Simple living; 2.Personal spiritual practice; 3.Commitment to service. Useful, practical, great read.

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