February 28, 2015

Writing Grievances, Following Rules

People inside jails and prisons should be able to file grievances and have them read for content and not mere technical error.
February 24, 2015

Freezing Inmates: where’s the coverage?

I've seen hours of coverage of Boston etc. reeling from the accumulated snow storms. I have seen only ONE article mentioning the prison population. (attached below) In that article, people interviewed admitted they just didn't care how inmates were doing; they were concerned about the homeless and animals. Dismal, dismal! Interestingly, this story covers a holding facility, where more than half of the population hasn't even been to trial--and are thus not even 'guilty.' I cannot understand the collective attitude toward people in prison. I really cannot understand how anyone could publicly say that 'they deserve what they get' as snow kills people across the country--people with options for getting help. These people Inside are our responsibility. They were not sentenced to freeze to death. Where's the coverage?
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