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Latest Posts

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    New Orleans Jail Amazes Monitors--Again

    Fool me once ... How can the New Orleans sheriff continue to hold his job? Monitors once again entered OPP local jail and found appalling conditions. Surprise--they were appalling for the last 20 years or so. Now there's state and federal monitoring, but it's still a hell-hole. Shouldn't a grown-up get involved? The sheriff is moving the mentally ill (but says New Orleans can't afford the new hospital's charges) and the women (read the accompanying story for gross details).

    Read the full article...July 20, 2014
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    L.A.: GUILTY! Conspiracy and Obstruction by Jail Officials

    L.A. jail chief says it's 'devastating' that four of his officers are guilty of hiding witnesses from the feds. Well, yes! How many failures and revelations of wrong-doing will it take to turn the L.A. jails around? Here we have a strange finger-pointing and lack of accountability. Let's hope that the prison terms speak to the chief's ear, and he undergoes the necessary city-wide investigations into jail corruption.

    Read the full article...July 15, 2014
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    Solitary Confinement Inmate Delivers Own Baby; Sues for Its Wrongful Death etc

    Say you get arrested for drugs. Say you are pregnant. Now--say you go into labor and see the 'nurse' -- twice, even, but are put in the Cage for complaining too much. Now what? Well, you give birth in the cell, alone, and your child is born with a cord around her neck. All of a sudden, a guard appears and helps you both to the hospital, where the baby is declared dead. Now what? You learn that the nurse's license had expired... etc. So you sue. Won't bring your daughter back, no. But maybe, perhaps, the prison will be on notice that its health policies are wrong. Perhaps there will be some justice, here. Perhaps.

    Read the full article...May 24, 2014

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