"Great creative work in the pursuit of justice... Groundbreaking!"

- Professor John C. Britton,
Advisory board of the ACLU Prison Project

Reviews of Prison Grievances

  • Texas Civil Rights Project
    "Prisoners rarely have attorneys to help them, and simple mistakes can be fatal. Prison Grievances is vital to protecting prisoners' civil rights. This is an extremely important and innovative project to help prisoners protect their rights."
    Texas Civil Rights Project
  • The John Howard Society
    "Brilliant! So important! A fantastic piece of work. We will be honored to support Prison Grievances."
    The John Howard Society
    International Penal Reform
  • Ramsey Clark
    "Today's civil rights are human rights. This book sees inmates as humans and helps them work toward their civil rights despite incarceration."
    Ramsey Clark
    United States Attorney General, 1967-1969, United Nations Human Rights Prize, 2008
  • Sister Helen
    “I plan to take this book into the cells with me!”
    Sister Helen
    Author, Dead Man Walking

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Can an inmate actually get the court’s attention about an unjust/illegal prison condition? Yes, if the inmate follows the rules and has a valid claim.

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